August 13, 2015

Colorful Chalkboard Set by Carson-Dellosa

Hey there, friends! I have some exciting news to share with you.  I have been asked to be a Brand Ambassador for Carson-Dellosa throughout this school year.  This means that I will be giving you very honest reviews of some of their products every few months and also providing giveaways here and there!  What I am most excited about is the fact that Carson-Dellosa really cares what WE as TEACHERS like and dislike about a product.  I'm hoping by being a Brand Ambassador, I can  help you decide which items you should invest in and which items you could pass on.|Colorful%20Chalkboard&utm_source=TheFunkyMonkeyBlog&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=BrandAmbassador
This review was quick & easy the minute I opened up the package.  What is there not to love about the colors in this set?  Black & bright colors are all of the rage and this set does not disappoint.
Here are a few of my personal & honest opinions.

1.  Quick and easy to punch out!  This calendar was probably the easiest calendar I have ever had my hands on!  And trust me, I have about 6 different calendars stashed in my cabinet at school. 

2.  The letters are PREPUNCHED! Yes, you heard me right!  Open up the package and BAM, you are ready to go.  I would suggest purchasing 2-3 sets if you plan on using the letters for your classroom boards.  But, it is easy to see exactly how many of each letter are provided on the cover
3.  I love the straight borders because they are easy peasy to put up.  I was a tad worried about getting the pattern on this set to line up correctly, but it honestly was the easiest border I have put up.  I really feel that the designer  considered the pattern and how to make it work so it is quick & easy.  I did not have to cut any section to get the pattern to line up, which of course saved me much valuable time.

4.  Did you notice that the calendar has a spot for you to simply write the current month?  Umm...this is genius in my mind.  If you are anything like me, you stick the month signs in a "special" spot, but then when it comes to a new month..that special spot is extremely hidden.

This set would look great on many different shades of paper, but check out how fantastic it looks on black! 

Review Disclaimer: I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free to review.

August 2, 2015

LOVE Back 2 School Sale!

Are you ready to shop & save 28% on all of your back to school needs?  I know I am!   I have a handful of items on my "wish list" to purchase.
 Make sure you use the code BTS15 when you check out.  You can click on each picture to go straight to the item in my store.  Thanks to Amy for her tip on periscope!
Image Map
Image Map
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July 30, 2015

You've got the WRITE stuff! {B2S label-Freebie}

Back to school night will be here before we know it!  Many of my kiddos do not have the proper materials at home to do homework.  This year, I plan to give out a little package to help the homework process be easier for my kiddos and parents. 
I grabbed the envelopes at Target in the Dollar spot!  Crayons & pencil are from Walmart.  Each student will also have a laminated personalized bookmark printed on bright paper with a 'lil ribbon for fun.  Instead of taking the time to glue on every little sign, I used Washi Tape!
You can grab the editable bookmarks from googledocs here.  Please make sure you DOWNLOAD the file from googledocs, otherwise it will not work properly.
And for the labels, head to my TPT store.

July 29, 2015

Gettin' Ready- Tip #2 {Free & Editiable Name Tags}

I officially report back to school in one week.  ONE WEEK, y'all!  I normally don't use "y'all" but all my cute & sweet southern blogger friends do and it is getting stuck in my mind.  Maybe it'll be my new thing this year. :)
Let's talk name tags.  My students need to wear them for a handful of weeks at the beginning of the year.  I honestly can't even remember how many weeks at my "new" school.  I'm no longer "new" at this school, but I still kind of feel like it!  I've used a handful of different name tag styles over the years and I think I've finally found a method I like.
If you still need name tags/badges, I have uploaded this set as a freebie through googledocs.   Each tag is 3 X 4 inches.  Please make sure you DOWNLOAD the file from googledocs, otherwise it will not work properly.  You will be able to add your kiddos names using powerpoint.  I used the font Appleberry which is free for personal use.  I purchased my name badges through Amazon, which you can find here
And have you seen these adorable math nameplates by the cute Primary Graffiti?  If not, you must!  They are also FREE and EDITABLE!

July 28, 2015

Gettin' Ready- Tip #1 {Free Labels}

If you are like me, your mind is constantly thinking about school even though you still have some good summer days left.  I wish there was a way to "click" my school mind off at times!  Anyone else?  This week, I'm going to bring you a handful of quick and easy tips that I use in my classroom to make the day go as smoothly as possible.  Some tips you may already use, but some you may not.
Today is all about folders & notebooks.
This year I took the time to make labels way in advance.  Why?  Well, that Avery Template and I do not get along.  I created in powerpoint, saved as jpeg, then put into the template and did a lot of messing around with alignment and other buttons in Word.  It took awhile and I can't even explain fully what I did, but I like the outcome!
I try my best to get use the same color of notebook and folder for each subject.  This helps my classroom run smooth.  Students quickly know to grab out both items for math. 
This isn't always possible though!  I grabbed these pink folders at Target last week. I could not resist the color.  But, I refused to buy pink notebooks at a higher price at an office store.  Even though they were calling my name, I stuck to my "price" limits.  Instead, I just put a pink sticker on the top corner.
 If you need labels, I have uploaded these 5 labels to my TPT for free!
--- Just a note---
I will not be adding any other labels to this set.  These are the only labels I need for my classroom, but am sharing just in case anyone else can use them:).