June 30, 2014

Me Time Monday~June 30

This is a perfect link up for today because 
it has been all about me, me, me all.day.long.
Thanks, Amanda for hosting!

I have a very bad habit of starting a new book at around 10-11 at night.
Of course, I stay up reading until my eyes can take no more!
And guess what the first thing is that I want to do right when I get up?
Yep......read..  I *may* be on my second book since 11 pm last night.
I just got the computer now, before my sister gets home from work 
to look like I've been working myself.
Family.  It's been all about family this summer.
I may semi-picker about headin' the 20 minute drive home so often lately,
but I am thankful I am able to.
This lil' ball of fire girl, Henzie {Henzleigh} finally is getting use to me.
I possibly may have taught Gabrie {Gabriella} to rub
lotion on my hands & feet.
She now wants to do it the minute I walk in the house.
I'm pretending it was all her idea from here on out.
My family & I have been spending some time at my Uncle's new lake house.
My {late} Grandpa who was the "leader" of our family
 instilled the love of fishing to all men in our family.
It's a little bittersweet to see his beloved boat back on the lake.
It's been on a few trips here and there since he passed away,
but many of us haven't seen it on the lake since.
I think he'd be happy it's being used regularly again by family
 spending time together and enjoying each other.
I guess now that I actually need to "work" that I'm on the computer
& I put my book down,I will finish up the last stages of a
Print & Go/Interactive Notebook activities for the first story of the
2nd Grade Journey's Reading Program.

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  1. My daughter will occasionally rub my feet, but I think I need to train her to do it every day...that would be nice! When I was a kid I went fishing with my grandma. I have wonderful memories from those times.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher


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