January 2, 2014

Fun & Family~ 2014 Linky with Blog Hoppin!

Just a tad bit late to the party,
but whats new!
Linking up with Day 1 of Blog Hoppin'!
Fun & Family....
 Always, always, always!
We are extremely close & already spend a great deal of time together.
But there is always room for more!
I sometimes will chose to work instead of
 doing a weekly family get together.
Why?!  I need to knock it off, seriously!
 My brother & sister and I have been taking trips 
together for about 4 years now.
I want this to continue + some!
Huskers or sunshine.
Always a great time!
 Love my Huskers.
But I tend to regulate what games I go to.
My family goes to every home game.  I normally do a few a year.
Maybe its time I become a regular home game fan 
like the rest of my family!
Jess & I have been best friends since Kindergarten & neighbors.
Our dad are great friends, although her parents moved to Kansas now.
Ups and downs like all relationships.
 But always remained close.
I routinely went to see her in North Dakota during college
and she'd come home to visit.
Now that we have big girl jobs, we've lost our closeness.
I want to get our yearly visits back on track.

Head on over to link up!  
Even if you are a late arrival like I am!

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