January 22, 2014

Changing Matter! {Solids, Liquids & Gases!}

We started off the new year learning about states of matter!
Living in Nebraska, we are seeing a LOT of these changes daily.
But, everyone living out East need to start 
sharing some snow + snow days!

First, we learned all about each state using our science text.
And created anchor charts together.
{No pictures, sorry!}
It was also time to introduce the anchor charts below that can 
be found in my states of matter unit.
The next day, we made individual predictions 
on whether or not WE can CHANGE matter!
{To save time, I had students write their response and simply 
passed around each white sheet.  Super quick!}
Experiment time!
Can we change this solid?!
Many of my kiddos were surprised that we could change 
matter with our hands!

For our independent work, we used what we learned
 about changing matter to create a snowman, with no scissors.
I love how how they all turned out very unique!
Walking down the hallways, I now hear, 
"Look! They changed matter by doing ____."
Sometimes I forget that science doesn't have to be complicated!

To check out what we did last year for states of matter,
go here.


  1. Those snowmen are darling... I love that students are commenting while walking down the hallway!

    Granny Goes to School

  2. Alisha,
    This is such an adorable and age appropriate craftivity that ties in science really well! Thank you for sharing!

    I is for Inspire


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