February 1, 2013

Five for Friday!

It is that time again.  Five for Friday!
At 11 today, I honestly didn't know if the end would EVER come!
I've missed the last two weeks due to family events & being ill,
but back on track this week with this super fun linky party!

1.  My kiddos work and cute display was ripped apart by a very angry and upset student next door.  More upsetting to me was that the teacher didn't bother to have another student or herself pick up our items or to even let us know.  The sweet security cop came in to apologize and to let me know.

2.  Surprise snow day on Wednesday!
Loved getting that phone call, however, the snowblower would not work
 and I had to scoop our very drifty driveway......that only took 1 and a half!

3.  This was the temp last night when I left school.
Can you say frozen?!
Yes, I had to stop and get gas before going home also!
And if you are wondering if I honestly left that late,
 the answer is yes to that, too!

4.  I'm still recovering from being sick and still not 100%
My kiddos enjoyed some free drawing time this afternoon.
We had a blast laughing and joking together, 
without worrying about getting work completed.
It was very nice to just relax with them.
'Lil S spent some of her time laying her head on my leg as she stood by me.

5.  I'm attempting to make myself finish up final touches on this baby tonight.
For sure, by tomorrow afternoon!:)

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  1. Aw, stay sweet, bundled & well!! It's always so hard to miss, we work twice as hard just getting it all back together again!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  2. You must live close to me... We had a late start on Monday (ice/blowing snow) and no school on Wednesday (windchill -35). I am so glad I am not the only one that leaves that late... Liz in COLD snowy South Dakota

  3. Oh goodness - stay warm! Your matter unit looks super cute; I'll have to check back :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  4. The bulletin board is adorable!!! I can't believe it got ripped down.

    Extra Special Teaching

  5. I have had a similar problem with bulletin boards. I posted the cute 100th day projects my students did last year below my bulletin board, and the pieces kept getting pulled off by one of the other classes. I watched one kid do it one day and finally caught one of them. The other teacher wasn't really watching her kids, because they pull the stuff off my bulletin board all the time, and it makes me angry. I feel the same way- can the teacher apologize, or the kid pick it up, or something, instead of just ignoring it?

    3 degrees is just miserable! But I leave work that late all the time, so I didn't even notice the time! :-)


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