December 9, 2012

Holiday Madness + How to enter a giveaway!

Are you ready for the last few weeks of madness before break?!
If you are out sooner, lucky you!
I have two full weeks left.
Two weeks ago my sister, brother, and brother's girlfriend and I ventured 10 hours after teaching on Friday to the Indianapolis for the Huskers game.
Let's just say it is a good thing we had a blast with old friends because the game was worthless:)
Here are a few pictures.
 My bribery of paying for tickets if he helped me 
cut out centers the last weeks before break worked:)
He even took home a huge stack to cut the next day as I was at school teaching.
I was a little worried about letting him cut, but he probably did a better job then I do!

And this is how we told our parents that the little brother got a speeding ticket in mom's car:)

Although it was a busy week after many miles traveled in 3 short days, 
I am almost 100% prepped for the next weeks + 2 weeks when we are back in January.
I also prepped about 75% too many activities.
I need about another month to get it all in:(
I've been working on a few freebies yesterday
 and will try to finish them up in the next few check back!
This may be the reason why they aren't finished.
 My sister was nice enough to snap these lovely pictures.

Do you still need some holiday activities?
Head on over to the Primary Graffiti to enter a fantastic giveaway!
You can win Cheryl's Swallowed a Bell Unit,
Glady's Reindeer Magic,

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  1. LOL! I try to bribe my sister to help me cut! It never works though :(


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