November 4, 2012

Sweet Guest Post: Rearranging Desks!

post signatureHi there, bubblies!
I'm Sandra from Sweet Times in First! I am a first grade teacher in Arizona.
I am sooo excited to be guest blogging for Alisha!
{Thanks for letting me!}
I just tried this new way to rearrange my student's desks! My kiddos have been ReAlLy chatty these past few days so I knew that they needed a change... I know, I am evil like that! LOL! So here is an easy way to change the kiddos around.
I got this idea from one of my mentor teachers in college and it is genius!
All you need is this:
Open up your file folder...
I set my sticky notes just like my desks in my room...
Again, excuse the mess! I took this picture yesterday and we forgot to clean our desks on Friday! Whoops!
Do you see how my sticky notes look like my desk layout in my room??
Last, put all of the names on the sticky notes and go crazy... Move them all around!
WARNING!!! This file folder will help you MOVE your kids around! I had to move all of the desks on the opposite side that they initially were! Haha I was so tired after all of that moving!
Let me know if this works for you!
I will be definitely be keeping track of who sits next to who with this bad boy! :)
Have a sweet Sunday and don't forget to stop by my blog and say HI!


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