November 25, 2012

One of the best days ever....Cyber Monday!

Are you ready to shop?!
I know I am!  Without any lines or crowds!
My sister and I went to the mall for a few things today and it was pure madness.
Every where I went someone was right there behind me.
Frustrating! lines tomorrow morning as I click purchase on great products!
Here are some fantastic units I will be 
purchasing from fellow bloggers!

The very sweet Cheryl from Primary Graffiti has been creating fantastic sub tubs 
based around "There was an Old Lady who Swallowed..." series.
With the health issues I had last week, 
I really need to get these babies prepped and ready to go!

Many of you saw the adorable adjective pumpkins my kiddos did in October.
into continuing this idea throughout other seasons.

My kiddos need a ton of work with vowel sounds
and Gladys at Teaching in High Heels is going to save me!
She has been creating the cutest little packets on vowel sounds.
I'll be stocking up in all of the packets!

My kiddos will be starting double digit addition with regrouping.
I was looking for some new ideas and Jen @ The Teacher's Cauldron 
just posted her new unit!
"Baking for Santa" Literacy unit that is calling my name!

Last, but not least or quiet {jk} is Missy Squirrels over at Going Nutty!
A "super" new way to practice math facts!

You can check out all my new products here.
If you do penguins in January, you can see my penguin unit here.
Remember, shop up Monday & Tuesday!
The Bubbly Blonde Teachers Pay Teachers
The Bubbly Blonde Teachers Notebook

Don't forget that many of my blogging buddies are joining in on the sale!


  1. Thank you for the shout out!! You are AWESOME! :)
    First Grade and Fabulous

  2. What, Squirrels- not ha ha
    thank you for the shout:)

  3.'re too sweet! And I have some of those things in my cart as well! :)

  4. Yay, for the shout-out! I can start buying soon!



  5. Awwww!! Thank sweet friend! I'm so glad you like!


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