November 3, 2012

Guest Post: Book Talk

Hi everyone! This is Ms. T from Journey of a Substitute Teacher!

Thanks to Alisha for letting me blab here!

Let's talk books! I love reading and want that love instilled in children. During read to self time or SSR in the classes I sub in, you'll often find me reading a book too. One time a kiddo started talking to someone and got shushed with a, "Ms. T is reading and you don't want to disturb her concentration!" 

I'm always on the look out to see what the is 'in' with children and YA books. My local newspaper has a section of the latest popular books that I check.  I also see what the kids are reading in class to get an idea.
My favorite way though is a book recommendation chart!

Here's a variety I found online!

A book recommendation tree!

So the kiddos I subbed for had one in their room and were complaining it filled up. I created a new one that morning and look at it in the afternoon! And yes, most of them are in Spanish as it's a bilingual class :)

So I've created a personal one kids could put in their book box/bag, desk, or folder! Four choices to choose from and they're super simple, plain Jane :)

Click the picture to go to the Google Doc!
Thanks for letting me chat and share with you!


  1. Mornin' sunshine!!
    You could quite possibly be the greatest resource we have in our little blog-munity!!! Not only do you have great ideas of your own, but you get to be a part of so many others in action!!!
    I really wish we were closer, the Littles have a dental cleaning Wednesay- my sweeties NEED you!!
    Go Nutty with Me!

  2. Love you squirrels! I love traveling to classes to get ideas.
    Wish I lived closer too!
    Journey of a Substitute Teacher
    Endless Pinabilities!


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