August 28, 2011

Story Element Posters

I know this against bloggin' rules, but I wanted to send one more quick post out tonight with story element posters that I just made.
My school use to be apart of Reading First when I first started teaching, 
and I was given hand drawn, very ugly posters to use!  
That didn't even copy very well!
Long story short, I haven't had them up for a few years 
but never made new!
So I thought I would share since I didn't get to do 
Friday Freebie with Blog Hoppin' this week.



  1. These are great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. They are adorable!

    I was wondering, where did you get the cute borders from?

  3. Love the story elements posters...they're adorable and much cuter than the ones you were probably given...thanks for sharing for free.


  4. These would make wonderful clues when my students start creating a book review. I’ll share these to them next month.
    Grace|labor posters


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